Why Choose DCE?

Let me take this moment to let  you know how much I have loved and valued our short time at DCE. As an educator myself, I have appreciated your approach to dance education and support of the whole child. Your progressive study was very clear in the recitals and your approach to children is wonderful. I hope we can find a dance school in Cleveland that will nurture my children as DCE did. Thank you!

Abbey H.

mother of two former DCE students

We truly appreciate the professional guidance and inspirational environment that you provide. There’s no place like DCE! Thank you for all that you do.

Cathy S.

mother of three former DCE students

My daughter came home from dance one day and said, ‘Mom – thanks for taking me to dance ever since I was four years old. I had such a hard day today at school but after three hours of dancing, I feel so much better. I feel joy.

Regina S.

mother of two long-time DCE students

Over the past nine years I have witnessed stunning transformations in the lives of families all around me. From the day our daughters began whirling scarves and wands in Tippy Toes, to the glances I steal into Academy classes, I see thriving young girls and boys discovering a joy within themselves that they will truly delight in for years to come.

Jennifer S.

mother of two long-time DCE students

Mike does a great job with the high energy boys. My son wouldn’t be dancing if it wasn’t for the Boys Program. They’re being challenged physically and creatively. I think it will be helpful to him outside of dance, too.

Karen L.

mother of two DCE students

The teacher/choreographers are amazing in their instruction, their creativity, and their encouragement. The product on stage is truly exceptional, and it is clear the dancers love what they are doing. The sense of community created within each class is palpable.

Milner S.

father of a long-time DCE student

When my daughter came home from dance on Wednesday night full of joy and energy (after a 13 hour day, no less!), we reflected on how much DCE contributes to her life. There are the obvious gains in skill, coordination, grace, musicality, and flexibility, but we see so much more. She has loved working with every one of her teachers and feels supported and encouraged by them. She has also learned that hard work pays off, that skills are not acquired in one day, and that success often requires multiple failures (a hard lesson to learn!). She has learned that corrections are an investment in her as a dancer and a person and an opportunity for growth.

DCE has truly been a home away from home for her, a place where everybody knows her name, from the office staff who are friendly and kind and find the books she leaves behind, to the talented teachers, to the demonstrators, to her peers. We are so grateful for your investment in her. We always know she is in good hands when she is there.

Alissa C.

mother of a long-time DCE student

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