Dance Center Evanston offers a progressive program in dance technique grounded in technical Ballet training and supplemented by Modern Dance, Tap, Hip Hop, Boys’, and Cecchetti classes are also offered for children. Adult Classes in various styles are offered throughout the year.

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Primary Division

Ages 3 to 7

The Primary Division is an exciting introduction to the world of dance designed especially for the young beginner. The main goal of the primary program is to help the young student enjoy the process of learning dance by keeping it fun and encouraging.

All Primary classes are 45 minutes
All ages are as of September 1

Student Division

Ages 7 and up

The Student Division lays the groundwork for all future dance training. Lower level classes are taught slowly and carefully in order to emphasize proper posture and placement, while upper-level student division classes work on the coordination of the full body in jumps, turns, and leaps.

All ages are as of September 1

Academy Program

The Academy Program challenges the advanced level student both technically and artistically. It is designed to prepare them for the potential next step in their training, either in a college program or in a professional setting.

Tap & Hip Hop

Tap & Hip Hop are uniquely American dance forms. Usually danced to contemporary music, they help dancers develop strong rhythmic sense and style. These are fun classes that give students a chance to build a new skillset.

Boys Program

Boys Dance and Men’s Technique classes offer an athletic and energetic approach to dance which helps develop balance, coordination, and power in movement through an emphasis on rhythm.

Cecchetti Program

Cecchetti is a method of teaching ballet in which select students learn a set ballet syllabus and, when ready, present their work before a panel of examiners. DCE is the only studio in Evanston to offer this.

Teen Program

The Teen Program provides classes designed exclusively for teenagers wishing to begin dance. Taught at an age-appropriate pace, these classes feed into the Student Division levels. 

Adult Program

Adult classes at DCE are taught in a positive and encouraging environment for beginners, returners, and professionals. Adult classes are open to drop-in students, though class cards are also available.