About DCE

30 Years of Dance

Director Béa Rashid founded Dance Center Evanston in 1994. Since then, DCE has worked hard to develop its reputation as one of the best centers of dance training in the area. Our commitment to inspiring young people to be the best dancers they can be is one of the primary reasons for our growth, along with our highly trained and experienced staff, and the sense of community fostered within our walls. We have grown from a two-room studio on Davis Street to a six-studio facility complete with a professional, state-of-the art theater and a 20+ person teaching and administrative staff. We support Evanston Dance Ensemble, the not-for-profit youth dance company in residence, and provide opportunities to our students for both training and performance. Our goal is to continue to offer the highest quality dance education and serve Evanston and its surrounding communities by providing arts programming to residents.

Outside of Dance Center Evanston building

Quality Dance Training for All

The mission of Dance Center Evanston is to bring quality dance training to each student enrolled, fostering their physical health, developing their cognitive skills, and inspiring creativity and artistry.

Nurturing Yet Challenging Environment

Dance Center Evanston is dedicated to promoting optimal personal and physical growth in a challenging yet positive environment for dancers of all ages. We believe that each child should receive a solid foundation in a variety of dance techniques and we embrace the uniqueness of each individual dancer.

Progressive Program

Our goal is to offer a carefully designed progressive training program which moves the student from the Primary levels, through the Student Division, and into the Academy Program. We evaluate the student’s progress each year and make appropriate placement suggestions. The cumulative nature of the program is designed to prepare the young dancer for any college or professional program.

Dance is a gift that will last a lifetime.

Dance is an athletic art form that strengthens the student physically, stimulates them mentally, and inspires them artistically. We believe that introducing and enriching children in dance is a wonderful gift that will last a lifetime.

Dance promotes good postural alignment, physical strength, and flexibility. It teaches poise and can have a positive impact on an individual’s level of self-confidence. Dance enhances musical awareness and helps develop rhythm and coordination. It stimulates artistic thought and feelings of well-being.