Dress Code


See Leotard & Dance Shirt Colors box for details by ballet level.

Leotard is worn with either skin-tone tights and matching skin-tone ballet shoes OR light pink tights and matching light pink ballet shoes. No attached skirts or visible undergarments. Camisole leotards are not permitted in levels below 2B or Cecchetti 2. Halter leotards are not permitted below Academy levels. Simple ballet skirts are permitted in Ballet 3, Ballet 4, Ballet 5, and Academy. Skirts should be a solid color and either match the leotard color or be in black, white, or light pink.

Dress code color dance shirt (OR white dance shirt for Tippy Toes-Ballet 1B) is worn with black shorts or tights and white socks with black ballet shoes.


Black leotard or dance shirt and black footless tights or leggings. Bare feet.


    Solid color leotard or dance shirt, black leggings or black footless tights with skin-tone jazz shoes.


      Solid color leotard, dance shirt, or t-shirt with black leggings, tights, or dance pants with socks and black tap shoes.


        Solid color top or leotard, dark stretchy athletic/dance pants or leggings, clean light-sole sneakers. No street shoes permitted.

          Everybody Dance

          Please have legs covered by wearing tights, leggings, sweatpants, or something similar, with a leotard, t-shirt, or tunic.


          For all classes, hair should be styled neatly off of the face and neck so that it is secure and stays in place while dancing. Suggested styles include buns, puffs, cornrows, french twists, etc. If you have any questions about how to style your hair for dance, please contact the office for more information and resources.

          NO JEWELRY except small stud earrings.

            Dance Center Evanston recommends Allegro Dance Boutique for purchasing dress code items. Allegro is open for online purchases and contactless pick up.

            2114 Central St


            Leotard & Dance Shirt Colors

            Updated July 2022

            Click on class names below to see examples of dancers in the dress code colors.


            A  Ballet Rosa (available at Allegro Dance Boutique)

            B  Eurotard

            C  Bloch

            Tippy Toes 1: Light Rose (Light Pink) A B

            Tippy Toes 2: Buttercup (Light Yellow) A C

            Pre-Ballet 1: Ciel (Light Blue) AB

            Pre-Ballet 2: Iris (Light Purple) AB

            Ballet Basics: Turquoise A B

            Ballet 1: Cyclamen (Fuchsia) AB

            Ballet 2: Ruby (Burgundy)  A

            Ballet 3: Rojo (Red)  A

            Ballet 4: Snorkel (Royal Blue) A

            Ballet 5: Medium Orchid (Raspberry)  A

            Academy 1: Teal  A

            Academy 2: Viola (Dark Purple)  A

            Academy 3: Any solid color

            Teen Ballet: Black A C

            Cecchetti: Black (simple style)

            Boys/Mens: White A C