Academy Program

The Academy Program challenges the advanced level student dancer both technically and artistically. It is designed to prepare them for the potential next step in their training, either in a college program or in a professional setting.

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The Academy Program

Academy students are expected to take a wide variety of classes, including Ballet, Pointe, Cecchetti, Modern, Jazz, Tap, and Hip Hop to become well-rounded dancers. The Academy Program is available to students by recommendation only.

Academy class recommendations:
3 Ballet/Pointe, 1 Cecchetti, 1 Modern, 1 Jazz, and 1 Tap and/or 1 Hip Hop

Academy Schedule

Session 2 2023: January 7-June 2
RegisterAcademy 1 BalletWednesday6:45-8:15pmBy RecBéa
RegisterAcademy 1 PointeWednesday8:15-9:00pmBy RecBéa
RegisterAcademy 1 BalletThursday4:15-5:45pmBy RecBéa
RegisterAcademy 1 PointeThursday5:45-6:30pmBy RecBéa
RegisterAcademy 1 BalletSaturday12:00-1:30pmBy RecLaura B
RegisterAcademy 1 PointeSaturday1:30-2:15pmBy RecLaura B
RegisterAcademy 1 JazzTuesday7:30-8:45pmBy RecShelby
RegisterAcademy 1 ModernMonday4:15-5:30pmBy RecEnid
RegisterAcademy 2 BalletMonday6:30-8:00pmBy RecNancy Spence
RegisterAcademy 2 PointeMonday8:00-8:45pmBy RecNancy Spence
RegisterAcademy 2 BalletWednesday6:45-8:15pmBy RecShelby
RegisterAcademy 2 PointeWednesday8:15-9:00pmBy RecShelby
RegisterAcademy 2 BalletSaturday12:00-1:30pmBy RecBéa
RegisterAcademy 2 PointeSaturday1:30-2:15pmBy RecBéa
RegisterAcademy 2 JazzTuesday5:30-6:45pmBy RecJulie
RegisterAcademy 2 ModernThursday7:00-8:15pmBy RecEnid
RegisterAcademy 2&3 BalletThursday4:45-6:00pmBy RecLaura G
RegisterAcademy 2&3 PointeThursday6:00-6:45pmBy RecLaura G
RegisterAcademy 3 BalletWednesday6:45-8:15pmBy RecRosina
RegisterAcademy 3 PointeWednesday8:15-9:00pmBy RecShelby
RegisterAcademy 3 BalletSaturday12:00-1:30pmBy RecMike
RegisterAcademy 3 PointeSaturday1:30-2:15pmBy RecMike
RegisterAcademy 3 Ballet and PartneringMonday6:30-8:00pmBy RecMike
RegisterAcademy 3 JazzTuesday8:00-9:15pmBy RecJulie
RegisterAcademy 3 ModernThursday8:15-9:30pmBy RecEnid