Cecchetti Training

Cecchetti is a method of teaching ballet in which select students learn a set ballet syllabus and, when ready, present their work before a panel of examiners. The exam process gives the students a specific goal. 

Dance Center Evanston is the only studio in Evanston to prepare students for exams with the Cecchetti Council of America. For more information about the Cecchetti Method, visit the website of the Cecchetti Midwest Committee at cecchettimidwest.org.

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Cecchetti Training

Participation in Cecchetti classes is by invitation. All Cecchetti students are required to take non-syllabus classes as well. In Ballet 2A-Ballet 5, Cecchetti qualifies as one of the required Ballet classes. Cecchetti students also attend two workshops each year.

Cecchetti (pronounced Cha KEH tee) is a thorough and careful method of teaching classical ballet. Developed by Maestro Enrico Cecchetti in the late 1800s and codified in 1922, the method continues to flourish. The Cecchetti method focuses on strong technique, correct body alignment, and graceful quality.

Cecchetti Training Schedule

Session 2 2024: January 6-June 2, 2024
RegisterPrimary 3Tuesday5:00-6:00pmBy Rec
RegisterCecchetti Grade 1Thursday5:45-6:45pmBy RecRosina
RegisterCecchetti Grade 1/2Tuesday4:15-5:30pmBy RecShelby
RegisterCecchetti Grade 2 (Older)Tuesday6:00-7:15pmBy RecTrish
RegisterCecchetti Grade 2/3Monday6:00-7:15pmBy RecCalyn
RegisterCecchetti Grade 3Thursday4:30-5:45pmBy RecRosina
RegisterCecchetti Grade 4Thursday4:15-5:45pmBy RecBéa
RegisterCecchetti Grade 5Friday4:30-6:00pmBy RecBéa
RegisterCecchetti Grade 6Friday4:30-6:00pmBy RecRosina
RegisterCecchetti Grade 7Monday2:30-4:00pmBy RecRosina